SCG Classic - Indianapolis, IN

Format: Legacy Archive | Number of Players: 163 | Date: 20/03/2016
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Miracle Control Tianyi Zhao 1
Burn Ryan Lott 3
Death and Taxes Joshua Todd 4
Berserk Stompy Clay Spicklemire 5
Miracle Control Bessy Hefner 6
Grixis Pyromancer Dan Lashbrooke 7
OmniTell Andy Fent 8
Death and Taxes Dan Neely 9
Grixis Pyromancer Jim Davis 10
Ad Nauseam Tendrils Peter Tragos 11
Death and Taxes Mitchell Weisrock 12
Miracle Control Heath Vance 13
Eldrazi Vince Accetturo 14
Eldrazi Devin Koepke 15
Tin Fins Ben Petrino 16

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