III Stockholm Legacy League, Final

Format: Legacy Archive | Number of Players: 16 | Date: 11/09/2016




Reanimator Sixten Lönnberg 2
Pox Teodor Sundberg 3
Miracle Control Egil Salomonsson 5
Grixis Pyromancer Tommy Hinks 6
Grixis Pyromancer Andreas Rosén 7
Goblins Sandro Rajalin 8
Merfolks Einar Zethelius 9
Grixis Pyromancer Mathias Lins 10
Blade Control Christopher Liewendhal 11
Rest in Pieces Daniel Spång 13
Miracle Control Lucas Hyytiäinen 14
The Rock Viktor Haga 15
Berserk Stompy Peter Engström 16

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