MTGO Legacy Premier

Format: Legacy Archive | Number of Players: Unknown | Date: 09/04/2017
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4c Control Call1Me1Dragon 1
Post Ramp J.A.Eliso 2
Ad Nauseam Tendrils mortr3d 3
Miracle Control ItIsUnfair 4
Sneak Attack JPA93 5
Miracle Control OSCA66 6
Death and Taxes jojono 7
Ad Nauseam Tendrils 42AD 8
Dark Depths solnox 9
Aluren Cartesian 10
Burn debatebro 11
Elves calebhclebsworth 12
Dark Depths Negator77 14
BUG Control Watchwolf92 15
Grixis Pyromancer LewisCBR 16

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