HoustonĀ“s Legacy benefitting Houston Food Bank

Format: Legacy | Number of Players: 26 | Date: 13/07/2019
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Threshold UGr Charles Ouyant 1
Pox Nick Patniyot 2
Grixis Control Nicholas Rouse 3
UR Burn Simon Christie 4
UR Burn Ben Whitfield 5
Grixis Pyromancer Johnny Russel 6
Painters Dustin McCannon 7
Nic Fit Ben Kendrick 8
Tin Fins Sam Craven 9
Death and Taxes Johnny Bloch 11
Elves Brandon Columba 12
Threshold UGR JP Coleman 13
Pox Keith Sweeney 14
Buried Phoenix Cody Leveritt 15
Rest in Pieces Joe Kington 16

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