V Edición Arcanis Deluxe 2015 - Modern Main Event

Format: Modern Archive | Number of Players: 209 | Date: 29/03/2015
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Twin Exarch Sergio Cobos 1
Affinity Cristobal Blanco 3
Amulet Combo Jorge Rodriguez 4
Red Deck Wins Ricardo Sanchez 5
Twin Exarch Abraham Lanchas 6
Infect Pablo Estalayo 7
Living End Mauro Dupre 8
Twin Exarch Alberto Varela 9
RUG Justo Fernandez 10
Green Tron Raul Marcos 11
Twin Exarch Jesus De La Peña 12
Red Deck Wins Alroc Brive 13
The Rock Alesander Samaniego 14
Merfolks Antonio Escamilla 15
Infect Xabier Manceras 16

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