• First of all, what is TC Decks?

    I'm glad to say that TC Decks it's the biggest decksite from the whole world wide web. TC Decks was born 2010, Oct. 23, next day EvilBernd close deckcheck.net as reclamation against Wizards politics, and I thought it was a good idea to have a good decksite.

  • Are you going to close like deckcheck.net did?

    Someday i will do, cause I doubt I play Magic my whole life, but in a future day, if I decided to do that, I won't leave this database to get lost.

  • Well, so who are you?

    I'm a magic player since 1995, tournament organizer and webmaster with a couple of sites on the web, I update TC Decks whenever I can and I answer every email I receive.

  • And the deck lists, where do they come from?

    I get decks from some magic sites friends of TC Decks updated by hand by me and I get several lists from Tournament Organizers and players like you that send me every week.I always need new decklists so if you have, please submit them.

  • Can you improve or add a feature that...?

    Yes I can, you can send me your ideas, bugs, improvements, suggestions or whatever you have in your mind through the contact form

  • Now, you have ads, why?

    I didn't like this decision, but servers, maintenance it's expensive and my story it's like other young men, not very good salary, mortgage, etc and I'm still paying magic (damned Jaces!).

  • Ok, I'd like to help, what can I do?

    You have several ways to help TC Decks and make it bigger:

    • First of all it's submitting deck lists so we can publish them.
    • Also, you can tell other people about us, and add TC Decks to your social networks like facebook, Twitter or Google+.
    • Finally, you can donate some money through paypal