GenCon 2007 - Legacy Championships 9-32

Format: Legacy Archive | Number of Players: Unknown | Date: 01/01/1980




Threshold UGwr Rich Shay Top 8
Threshold UGw Daniel Pische Top 8
Spanish Inquisition Blake Christiansen Top 8
Goblins Nereo Lopez Top 8
Loam Control Gadiel Szleifer Top 8
Loam Control Brandon Scheel Top 8
Cephalid Breakfast Michael Turpyn Top 8
Goblins David Tsukuno Top 8
Belcher Kevin Delger Top 8
Threshold UGr Andrew Silva Top 8
Goblins Benjamin Coursey Top 8
Aluren Jacob Riehm Top 8
Fetchland Tendrils Alex Groh Top 8
Landstill Ubg/Ubgw Allen Sorensen Top 8
Goblins Derrick Correia Top 8
Threshold UGr Jason Mayes Top 8
The Rock Terry Richardson Top 8
Other Michael Hope Top 8
Dreaded Fish Drew Idoux Top 8
Other Andres Gomez Top 8
Cephalid Breakfast Alix Hatfield Top 8
Fetchland Tendrils Michael Bomholt Top 8

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