ChannelFireball Game Center 3k

Format: Legacy Archive | Number of Players: 92 | Date: 27/03/2016
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Elves Anh Dao 1
OmniTell Michael Clifford 2
Dredge Daniel Clark 3
BUG Shardless Sean Calvert 5
Blade Control Eric Campusano 6
Miracle Control Akio Noda 7
Nic Fit Carey Ng 8
Bant Aggro Stephen Bush 9
Post Ramp Ryan Reynolds 10
Death and Taxes Andrew Toney 11
Eldrazi Valerian Lee 12
Food Chain Isaac Sears 13
Grixis Pyromancer Matthew Dickel 14
Eldrazi Joseph Cantrell 15
Deadguy Ale Colin Brown 16

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