Team Constructed Open - Dallas, TX

Format: Legacy | Number of Players: 621 | Date: 21/01/2018
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Lands Kevin King 1
Dark Depths Kyle Finken 2
Grixis Pyromancer Brad Carpenter 3
Sneak Red Zac Elsik 4
Ad Nauseam Tendrils Evart Moughon 5
Death and Taxes Travis Brown 6
Death and Taxes Mickey Humphries 7
Team America Stephen Hager 8
Death and Taxes Joshua Hoffeld 9
Death and Taxes Eddie Leza 10
Aggro Loam Jacob Koshak 11
4c Control Collin Rountree 12
Grixis Pyromancer Tannon Grace 13
Berserk Stompy Aaron Barich 14
Merfolks Gregory Stiver 15
4c Control Sang Jung 16
Eldrazi Johnathon Nestick 17
Team America Woodrow Bogucki 18
Grixis Pyromancer Aaron Rubin 19
4c Control Jason Blackmor 20
Rogue Billy Smith 21
Death and Taxes Derik Malenda 22
Grixis Pyromancer Chris Kusenberger 24
Grixis Pyromancer Jonathan Coleman 25
Patriot James Sanders 26
Burn Versile Johnson 27
Sneak Attack Shawn Hughes 28
Team America Alan Hubbard 29
Nic Fit Andrew Higganbotham 30
Grixis Pyromancer Terry Stoute 31
Dredge Kyle Baen 32
BR Reanimator Tyler Macho 33

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