Star City Games Classic - Philadelphia, PA

Format: Vintage Archive | Number of Players: 191 | Date: 17/03/2019




Ad Nauseam Tendrils Brandon Osborne 1
Izzet Delver Jacob Bard 2
Reanimator Mark Fedak 3
Ad Nauseam Tendrils Keith Blackwell 4
Grixis Delver Lukas Bishop 5
Food Chain Leon Chang 6
Izzet Delver Billy Mitchell 7
Fish Chris Roepke 8
Grixis Control Matthew Dimartino 9
Ad Nauseam Tendrils Jake Alexander 10
Reanimator Stanislaw Zylinski 11
Burn James Spinelli 12
Maverick Tk Strachan 13
Death and Taxes Michael Derczo 14
Sneak and Show Joshua Groner 16

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