Star City Games Team Open - Cincinnati, OH

Format: Vintage Archive | Number of Players: 954 | Date: 24/03/2019




4c Loam Christopher Minor 1
Death and Taxes Steve Rubin 2
Izzet Delver Austin Collins 3
Lands Jeff Jao 4
Turbo Depths Matthew Dilks 5
Death and Taxes Ethan Gaieski 6
Miracles Minhajul Hoq 7
Izzet Delver Tannon Grace 8
Death and Taxes Adam Johnson 9
Death and Taxes Andrew Tenjum 10
Miracles Josh Shields 11
Izzet Delver Eric Rill 12
4c Loam Scotty Wright 13
Grixis Control Drake Welch 14
Red Prison David Charlton 15
Dredge Zachary O´heran 16
Izzet Delver Christopher Johnson 17
Izzet Delver Spencer Garnier 18
Ad Nauseam Tendrils Mitchell Stephenson 20
Grixis Delver Kyle Teagan 21
Reanimator Christopher Tarantino 22
Temur Delver Collins Mullen 23
Berserk Stompy Yuxuan Zhu 24
Grixis Control Justin Jones 25
Sneak and Show Nicholas Salyer 26
UBx Shadow Jonathan Baldeo 27

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