Star City Games Classic - Richmond, VA

Format: Vintage Archive | Number of Players: 120 | Date: 18/08/2019




Turbo Depths Bob Huang 1
Death and Taxes Andrew Lopez 2
Red Prison Jeff Snodgrass 3
Blade Control Jackson Baum 4
Hogaak Mikael Conrow 6
4c Delver Kenta Hiroki 7
Dredge Jake Durshimer 8
Ad Nauseam Tendrils Will Pulliam 9
4c Delver Mael Cournoyer-michel 10
Turbo Depths Jarvis Yu 11
4c Control Austin Blackner 12
Rest in Pieces Andrew Knudson 13
Turbo Depths Romario Neto 14
Red Prison Andrew Frank 15
12 Post Larry Mackejka 16

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