Star City Games Players´ Championship

Format: Vintage Archive | Number of Players: Unknown | Date: 15/12/2019




Other Oliver Tomajko 1
Other Edgar Magalhaes 2
Sultai Zan Syed 3
Hogaak Dylan Donegan 4
Death and Taxes Collin Rountree 5
Miracles Zach Allen 6
Hogaak Collins Mullen 7
Turbo Depths Matthew Dilks 8
Izzet Delver Drake Sasser 9
Sultai Jeremy Bertarioni 10
Grixis Delver Jonathan Hobbs 12
Other Joe Lossett 13
Miracles Harlan Firer 14
Miracles Chris Barone 15
Hogaak Abe Corrigan 16

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