Nebraska´s War 7.0 Main Event

Format: Vintage Archive | Number of Players: 216 | Date: 08/12/2019




Food Chain Lee Brook 1
Other Tomas Mar 2
Humans Giacomo Befani 3
Miracles Michele Gasparini 4
Grixis Delver Michele Delpiazzo 5
Izzet Delver Franco Cicchini 7
Miracles Angelo Cadei 8
Hogaak Francesco Giani 9
Other Marco Montani 10
Death and Taxes Marco Queirolo 11
Temur Delver Gianluca Gazzola 12
Sultai Marco Amateis 13
Sultai Delver Riccardo Dinelli 14
Eldrazi Stompy Gabriele Fattorini 15
Sneak and Show Alessio Marchioni 16

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