MTGO Legacy Preliminary

Format: Legacy | Number of Players: Unknown | Date: 04/04/2020




4c Control jstealths17 1
4c Control lynnchalice 2
4c Control Wurst_ 3
Miracles mechint 4
Ad Nauseam Tendrils Xanor19 5
Izzet Delver MarySue 7
Eldrazi Stompy topdollar 8
Eldrazi Stompy rodeo 9
Maverick robfighting 10
Eldrazi Stompy manaproducti0ns 11
4c Control Kihara_Works 12
OmniTell Vagabond87 13
Other Traft 14
The Rock kristofff 15
Temur Delver federusher 16
Other NovaT28 17
Sultai LadyEdith 18
Eldrazi Stompy Flow_true 19
Doomsday lobster411 20
Ninjas Flugel310 21

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