Premodern PH Pod 11

Format: Premodern | Number of Players: 20 | Date: 14/07/2021




Goblins Nicholus Llanos 1
Madness Bry Lunas 2
Reanimator Paco Paguirigan 3
The Rock Francis Valencia 4
Life Phil Taylor 6
Stasis Butzy Isorena 7
Balancing Tings Mark Guevara 8
Pox Dennis Quilates 9
Rogue Ryan Caguioa 10
Draco Blast Harold Mariano 11
White Weenie JF Aquino 12
The Rock Fred Fleury 13
Psychatog Quinn Arreza 14
Stasis Dondi Djinn 15
Angry Hermit Erik Young 16

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